Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was lucky enough to spend most of Monday on the river (the Ausable). I fished for the first couple of hours, spending a lot of time just looking at the wonderful scenery. The weather was perfect; Caddis were in the air and so were a few Blue-winged Olives, but no trout were rising (the water is still cold). I was using a double nymph rig without any luck. I fished about a half mile of pocket water, not spending much time in one spot. After having a snack I gave up on my nymph rig and switched to a size 8 Zonker with a split shot about a foot and a half above the streamer. I slowly drifted it down the feeding lanes behind and in front of boulders and slowly retrieved it across the current down river. I managed to lure a large trout out from under an overhanging boulder. I didn't notice it taking the fly until I started my retrieve. The weight of the fish bent my rod easily; it rolled, showing off its wide body, and then my line went limp. I lost him. As I pulled my line in, checking the fly, I heard a strange noise like a creature from a different dimension. Sure enough, it was my cell phone. I had to end my fishing for the day just as I started to do something right. It wasn't a great day of fishing. But as I look out my window at the snow falling, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to stand in the river in the sun and lose a big brown trout.

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