Monday, April 19, 2010

Cold and Wet

DATE: 4/18/2010 10:20:00 PM

It's been a cold and rainy couple of days. The Ausable River is running high and the fishing has been very slow. I bundled up and headed out around 2 pm yesterday; a light rain was falling and I knew the river was up, because I could hear it from my house. The view of the snowflakes falling on Whiteface was more than a little discouraging, but I trudged down the steep bank to the river anyway. Before I left, I told my girlfriend I would be back around 6 . . . but after only a couple of casts I knew I had greatly overestimated my determination. I drifted my fly through every pocket and run, even though I had made up my mind that it would be a miracle if I caught anything other than a bad cold. I firmly believe that there is more to fishing than catching fish; I often tell myself and others, "Well it's just nice to be out here." Standing in the river as the rain started to fall harder, I realized this wasn't one of those days. Looking over the river one more time, I decided it was time to go inside and sit by the fire. Foul weather isn't a complete bummer, it gives me a chance to tie flies. I tied a dozen split-winged parachute flies that I really enjoy. It's a pattern that I first saw in John Gierach's book, Trout Flies. It is a very petty fly and the feather parachute post is more delicate then the typical calf tail or turkey T base posts I usually use. For those of you who haven't seen this fly, I will post a picture soon.

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