Friday, February 4, 2011

New Nymphs

I want to introduce some new nymph patterns that I have added to my online fly shop. The Swinger Princes started out as a wire prince pattern but I decided to tie it on a natural bend hook and use a blend of dubbing that I could brush out heavily to create life like movement in the water. This series of flies can be fished either dead drift with an indicator or on the swing like a traditional wet fly.

Swinger Prince

Golden Swinger Prince

On the West Branch of the Ausable here in the Adirondacks one of my favorite ways to fish the river is by "picking pockets". I pick a good stretch of pocket water then start to fish up stream tossing my nymph or nymphs into almost every pocket. I usually only make a few presentations in each pocket trying to reach as many pockets as possible then move up river to the next comfortable stance. In water with heavy current the trout do not have much time to examine your imitation as it tumbles past. This batch of new nymphs I added are flashy and meant to attract attention they are true attractor patterns.

Olive lightning bug

Hot orange lightning bug

Lightning Stone Fly