Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last night I fished one of my favorite spots on the river. I managed to catch a few small trout subsurface on caddis nymphs and one on a stonefly dry. As the sun was going down, the dry fly action picked up; light cahills, tan caddis, blue winged olives, and the sulphurs were all on the river, but none in great numbers. I switched to a size 14 sulphur parachute and caught my biggest fish of the night (about 16 inches). As my eyes tired and it got darker out, I switched to a larger cahill parachute emerger, size 12 (I tied it with an extra large parachute). I fooled a few more fish and walked home. Oh yeah one more thing next time your out on the river bring bug dope.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recent activity

On the river last night there were tan caddis, some march browns a few coffin flies and some stone flies. It rained hard today and the air temp was cooler then it has been lately. The river is in good shape. I have been fishing mainly pocket water using large dries (stimulators or bombers) if I notice the trout rise to the fly but refuse at the last moment I tie on a smaller more accurate imitation. I also caught a few nice trout just before dark last night on a coffin fly spinner. I am anxious to see the hatch activity on the river now that we have gotten a good blast of rain.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Early Morning

I went out fishing on the West Branch of the Ausable early this morning with Tom, the owner of the Ausable River Two Fly Shop (a new shop in Wilmington). We fished from about 5am until almost 11am. It rained lightly for most of the time we were on the river. There were a lot of tan caddis, some yellow sallies, and a few green drakes on the river. All the trout I caught were on a size 10 stimulator, except for one brown on a size 16 olive bead head caddis; I had it tied on as a dropper. The river was low and we could really use the rain. The water temp is in the mid 60's. If you are going to be in the Adirondacks, you should really check out the new fly shop in Wilmington and buy some local patterns, some of which are tied by yours truly.