Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flies as Art

Tying flies is a skill used to make fly fishing more enjoyable and productive. Flies are, after all, meant to serve a function: catch fish. Of course, after tying thousands of flies I have realized I rarely fish with flies I don't find attractive. Could it be that trout and fishermen have the same appreciation for well tied and pretty flies? Or maybe I can only properly present and fish with flies that are pleasing to my eye. Each fly represents years of design and technique based on form and function. I'm not sure if it's art, but I do like the thought of my flies as tiny masterpieces meant to be trashed by hungry fish, snagged in branches, and flung through the air.
After posting photos of some of my Salmon flies, I was very exited to receive a comment from a talented artist, Peter Strid, with a link to his rendering of my Ausable Salmon Bomb. Check out his website Strid Art; he creates beautiful art often using fish, flies, and fly fishing for inspiration.