Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hendrickson Hatch on the Ausable

Hendrickson with egg sack

As the water levels continue to recede on the Ausable, the dry fly fishing is starting to pick up.  Yesterday evening I headed up river from Wilmington to do some fishing.  Brookie and I started off fishing in a pocket water section of the catch and release area; we pulled one rainbow out using heavy nymphs.  Then we decided to check out the insect activity further up along River Road.  Standing on a slow moving section of river, we enjoyed watching the many Hendrickson spinners and a few trout feeding.  We didn't even fish; we just observed the spectacle and tried to photograph a Hendrickson.  It wasn't easy to find one that wanted to sit still for a photo shoot.  This one sat on my finger just long enough for a few pictures before flying off.

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