Monday, May 23, 2011

European nymphing the Ausable River

This weekend Wilmington and the Ausable River were busy with participants in the Ausable River Two Fly competition.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time and it looked like it was another successful event for the organizers and fishermen.  One of the Guest speakers at the event was Aaron Jasper of Trout Predator Online, an accomplished European nymph fishermen who has spent years practicing this competition technique.  I have read about the leader rigging, tied "Czech" nymphs, and even tried the 10 and 11 foot rods that are typically used.  Aaron needed someone to show him the river and take him to productive pocket water and I wanted to see European nymphing in action, so we had a deal.  After spending the day with Aaron, I now have a practical understanding of how to incorporate some of the European nymphing methods into my everyday fishing.  The leader rigging we used was definitely not something I would want on every reel, but I plan on having at least one setup ready to fish.

This is more or less the leader setup we used

I enjoyed the close connection between nymph and fishermen, allowing detection of subtle strikes and a quick hook set.  I also liked the aggressive wading style needed to pick the pockets.  This style of fishing does not allow long casts; you really have to get up close and personal to your favorite holes.

Aaron demonstrating an aggressive wading style.
(I took the picture while sitting on a comfy rock)
Fish On!

Aaron with a nice brown


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  2. Amazing place.Sounds like you had an great and successful adventure fishing experience. Great blog !