Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fishing for Adirondack brook trout on a rainy day

I'm a very optimistic fisherman.  Before every outing I honestly believe I'm going to catch fish no matter what the conditions are.  Some days it's easy, other days it isn't, and some days you have to hit the ponds!  Considering the river conditions, this was a pond day.  Thankfully my 16 pound Hornbeck canoe is light enough to carry to any back country pond.  As the heavy rain soaked through my rain jacket the cold limited the dexterity in my fingers, making it seem like I was tying knots with wet hot dogs.  I wasn't having any luck, but my brother in his "vintage" Wenonah Kruger was catching fish.  I paddled over to see what he was using; as I neared his boat he hooked and landed another nice brookie.  He was using one of my bright yellow and silver Swinger Prince nymphs.  Since I wasn't having any luck with my black nosed dace, I put on a Swinger and immediately caught a trout.  I had never considered trolling this pattern like a streamer, but I should have because we both continued to catch brook trout until dark.

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