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Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter fly fishing in the Adirondacks

Got one!
 It has been an unusual winter here in the northeast.  I have never seen a winter in the Adirondacks with so little snow. I haven't had to plow my driveway a single time and only shoveled my porch once!  The warmer temperatures have helped save on fuel and firewood consumption, but seem strange in northern New York.  Lake Champlain is almost entirely free of ice and spring is just around the corner.  Will this be the year winter never comes?   I have been able to fly fish and catch trout or salmon every month this "winter" without leaving the Adirondacks!  I haven't done much land-locked salmon fishing in the middle of February, but the last few times I have gone out we were able to locate some fish in the rivers. Here are a few pictures of our past two outings:

This salmon was hiding just under the ice
This one took an unweighted White Zoo Cougar
This guy was fooled by a Governor Aiken streamer and was quickly released after I snapped this picture
Tom Conway 
This land-locked salmon put up a good fight; look at the size of that tail fin.


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