Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adirondack Brook Trout

Living so close to the famous West Branch of the Ausable River it is sometimes easy to loose track of the other fishing within a 15 minute drive of Wilmington.  Of course I fish the ponds at ice out and when the river is to high to fish.  But how about all of those small streams stretching down the mountains?  The truth is many of them offer the opportunity to catch the only true Adirondack trout the Brook trout.  Brook trout aren't known as a hard fish to fool almost any bunch of feathers tied to a hook will do the trick.  I remember my first time fishing for Brook trout in the High Peaks near Keene Valley hopping from boulder to boulder up the steep stream watching as the small pods of trout eagerly chased my bucktail streamer.  Only one or two casts in each pocket then the fish would disappear signaling the time to try the next pocket.  I don't remember catching a fish over 8 inches that day but it's impossible to forget the feeling of those fish tugging my line and how soft their skin felt in my hand compared to any other fish I had ever caught. Since that day I have had fewer great days of brook trout fishing then great days fishing for browns but every time I go hunting for brookies I get closer to the real reason I fly fish. 

Happy hunting!!
The Ausable Bomber has every characteristic of a great Brook trout dry fly unsinkable, buggy looking, durable and most importantly easy to tie!

thread: Hot orange
hook: 2x long dry fly
tail: Woodchuck 
body: Australian opossum dyed rusty orange
hackle: Brown and grizzly over entire body
wing: calf tail


  1. what size are you tying these in? I love tying deer hair bombers and this looks like this will be a fun tie

  2. I tie them from size 10-16. My 10s and 12s get the most use. This fly also works great as an indicator.

  3. That is so cute..Very nice blog. Good job! I'm just starting to follow it!

  4. It's a great post regarding fishing! I too love fishing especially in winter's!!