Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fish On

Well, I haven't written in the past couple of weeks; I will try to keep up with the blog now that trout season is in full force. I have had a few thirty-fish days, mostly on either caddis bead heads or prince nymphs, since I last wrote. I have been fishing the Saranac and the West branch of the Ausable. On my last trip to the Saranac I was so badly bitten by black flies that I felt like I had been punched in the face, but the fishing was great. I caught my first big fish of the season on Thursday; it was an awesome brown trout. Of course, I have no picture (I dropped my camera into the river last year), so I am not even going to tell you all how big it was. Let's just say I have caught my share of 24 inch browns on the river and this fish was bigger and she was heavy. It was the biggest fish I have caught on the Ausable. I had no one to witness the fish, except my puppy, Gus; he wasn't even mildly impressed. He is new to fishing and probably thinks all trout are that big. My last dog, Charlie, who passed away last July, would have been really exited. Today the water temp was 54 degrees. I fished one of my favorite stretches of pocket water and in one hole I caught a beautiful Brookie, a Rainbow, and an 18 inch Brown. I usually don't see many fishermen on this stretch of water, but today I ran into two separate groups using spinning gear. I stopped to talk to a gentleman from one group who said he had caught a few small brook trout. The river was busy with fishermen; I will probably be looking for less crowded water on the weekends from now on. Luckily, there are still plenty of spots where I can avoid the crowds.

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